Kubernetes recipes

Is any able to share the k8s deployment recipes? I am converting them from the docker-compose using kompose…but still there are missing pieces.


Could you specify what pieces you are missing? We did a fairly direct port from docker-compose to Kubernetes. Communication between each container is exposed as services, some of which are exposed externally. Fairly standard stuff. Happy to explain further if you can specify the pain points.

so one thing I noticed is the absence of the ingress , I guess I need one for the web app and sure if I need another one for something else that has to communicate to the LoRaGateway which sits outside.

For the ChirpStack-specific deployments, we have an ingress for the app server API. We don’t run gateway bridge anywhere except on gateways, so that doesn’t run in Kubernetes at all.

We have existing MQTT infrastructure that we are leveraging, but obviously that has an ingress as well.