Last event not shown

I migrated the data from v3 successfully, but in the event tab of the device always the latest event is not shown:

Last Seen at 17:27:39, but last event at 16:56:44.
Anyone who does know why?

Do you use any proxy in between?
If yes, then need to proxy the service to display the above list.

Hm, yes chirpstack instance runs behind nginx proxy. But what service do I need to proxy to be able to see the whole list…?

You may want to try this.
Note the grpc_pass for api.

When I enable grpc_pass for api path, I get a blank screen and some errors in the console log.

It has really to do with the proxy server in between, because when I access the web ui directly using http://ip:port all data is shown in the event tab…

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The issue is that if the proxy does not understand the gRPC stream, then it will wait before the response has completed before it forwards the payload to the requesting client. As the events are streamed, the response only completes after a timeout or client disconnect.

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