Last seen device


We have upgraded our server to last version (wonderful job I must say) but it seems that it lacks a feature for us.

In the upgraded web page the “last seen” column seems only to appear in device section and not when you search for the device (like long ago)

Is this intentional? It is very hard to control devices if they just send. We have a 2700 end node net and some of them seems to hang (for another reasons) and now seems imposible to find them and last seen column together


I’d say Yes, this is intentional.
The results table displays only the fields common to every type of “things”

For instance, when you for an application, you get the id and a description, same for gateway and device.
On the other hand, you can’t get the battery level of a gateway or an application.

Maybe implementing some Filtering and Sorting functions would answer your needs.

I’ve speaking to my collegues and the function will be great, it is not critical nor vital because we are going to develop a script that monitors some devices and finally it will go to our platform (where we see data), as this is the ideal case.

That should be enough.