"Last seen" to MQTT Broker

Hi all,

is there any possibility to send the minute value for “Last Seen” in the applications tab to the MQTT Broker?


That would be a bit odd, because MQTT is something that handles discrete messages. Essentially, to do what you want, the server would have to push a message every once in a while when a node has not been seen, saying for how long it has not been seen. That would be excessive and unecessary data in most situations, would require a unique setup of time triggered events to do so, and would need a setting to determine how often those “not seen” messages should be published.

Probably instead of MQTT you are looking to query a database. Possibly a database of historic uplinked application packets that you fill based on the MQTT feed. (Perhaps even the influx integration though that seemed to mismatch our influx needs)

Or perhaps you can just have your software query the LoRaServer RESTful API to get the same information that the web page you quoted does, whenever it is curious.

Yes you are right. This not a task for MQTT
Thank you for the other solutions. I will test it.