Latency on uplinks (Tektelic)

I’ve used other commercial LoRaWAN servers before, but am just starting out with Chripstack, so forgive my ignorance. I’m using a Tektelic Kona Micro and running the Chirpstack Gateway Bridge on the Kona. The gateway is hardwired to my router on a reasonably fast internet connection.

My NS and AS are running on a fast cloud service. When I trigger a push from my end device, it looks like it takes around 25-30 seconds before I see anything logged on the network server (viewing server logs and also realtime packets via the gui on the AS). With the Orbiwise server (and Kerlink gateway) that I had experience with in the past, i would see the packets on the NS/AS almost immediately.

Is there some reason for this delay? I’ve tried changing some of the timeout settings on the Tektelic packet forwarder and chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml - at the moment I think that this issue is on the Tektelic end, not the Chirpstack side, but just wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before.


That’s not expected. I have deployed with the KONA Micro extensively (Gateway Bridge on the device, as you’ve done), and you should see responses in split-second times in the GUI. Are you sure your end device is joined and operating properly?

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes the device is joined and communicating to the network server okay, but even the Join messages take a while before I see them on the bridge. I’m receiving all the packets, it’s just taking way longer than I would expect for the gateway bridge to receive these packets.

The more I investigate the more I think that it’s something to do with the Kona Micro, not Chirpstack specifically, but if you have any advice it’s greatly appreciated. I’m watching pkt_fwd.log and the delays in seeing data exists there too, which is upstream of Chirpstack, so likely something on my gateway. It seems almost like it’s queueing the packets before the packet forwarder gets them.