Latest lorserver confirmed messaging issue

Hi @brocaar i have been testing with the latest loraserver and have come across this issue when using confirmed messaging

I have a device that is sending confirmed messages and it was working with the older setup before changing to the latest after chirpstack announcement
The first few message maybe 2-3 messages are always confirmed up but after that it changes to being unconfirmed data up.

Here are the logs during that time period

Google drive link to logs

I don’t think this is related to the ChirpStack Network Server. It is up to your device to decide if an uplink is confirmed or unconfirmed.

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The only thing that has changed is the lora server.
I have not changed anything on the device since moving from the older version of the loraserver
On the older version of the loraserver it always sent confirmed up messages

I just spun up the old vm running the old loraserver and here is the output it is always confirmed data up