LBT enable in LoRa gateway and RX2 window

Hello there,
I’m validating the latest version of LoRa-Network server. Here’s problem what i’m facing.

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    Class-A & Class-C node transferring data with confirmed uplink.
    On the Network-server side, the data is received & processed (along with sending confirmed-Down-link data to CLASS A/C node’s) without LBT enabled in LoRa-Gateway with default RX window settings in loraserver.toml file.

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    Enabling LBT feature, if i set the RX window as rx2. The downlink packet reaches the end node.The moment i shift it to send downlink data to send in RX1 windows , no packets are getting received on the node side though the LoRa Gateway accepts the txpk packet.

My end goal is this whole communication should happen with LBT enabled with default RX Window settings.

So, kindly help me in debugging this issue.

Listen Before Talk (LBT) is a feature implemented on the gateway. Best would be to look into your Packet Forwarder logs for errors which a downlink fails.