Less verbose JS encode/decode errors in v4


In the good ol’ v3 days, I could throw an error in my JS codecs and it would be passed on, so when I would try and validate an object, I could see in the UI what was wrong.

All I get now is:
“Exception generated by quickjs”
And no further information.
Is there a way to make the JS codec error messages more verbose?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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This fix will be included in the next release:


My educated guess is that this should be fixing only uplink decoding. What about downlink encoding? :grin:

This should fix the “truncated” errors in the API (and thus when using the enqueue API method):

Is there a release date for V4.6 known yet as debugging codec errors is quite hard without these fixes.

Released today.

Well - that is what I would call PERFECT timing :slight_smile:

Well done and thank you, @brocaar & team. :pray:

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I am actually running 4.6.0 but I am only getting Exception generated by quickjs and nothing more. I’m running the docker version from the chirpstack/chirpstack:4.6.0 image. Do I need to pass an extra command line argument for more verbose error logs?