Letsencrypt, certbot, chirpstack and postgreSQL

We had a functional ChirpStack server integrated with PostgreSQL using MQTT bridge. Recently we have tried to obtain and install encryption and certificate generated from Letsencrypt and provisioned Certbot to renew it.

Proccedure we followed:
For Letsencrypt & Certbot: Certbot - Ubuntufocal Other

For PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL SSL with Letsencrypt. Tutorial for setting up PostgreSQL… | by Pavel Evstigneev | Medium

For Chirpstack: We took idea from forum : " using-secure-websockets-with-basic-station/7166/5 " (the system is not letting me to add the url)

Problem: The ChirpStack UI is not online. PostgreSQL 12 is not active. [error: (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)]

we are planning to start over the full encryption process. Could you please provide some handy instruction to make the ChirpStack, MQTT, PostgreSQL work together after getting the Keys from Letsencrypt?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you check prior questions along the same lines? I don’t need SSL so I can’t help beyond that tip.

Possibly folks don’t come back to report good news, but it seems to me that there are not many questions on security here that end in a solution.