Level=error msg="api/js and level=error msg="backend/joinserver:

Hi @ all

in my logfiles of ChirpStack App-Server in version 3.3.0 i get this errors all the time:

time=“2020-01-02T13:50:23Z” level=error msg=“api/js: unmarshal base payload error” error=“unexpected end of JSON input”
time=“2020-01-02T13:50:23Z” level=error msg=“backend/joinserver: error handling request” error=“unexpected end of JSON input”

The System seams to work, as i can see Packages at gateway Live-LoraWan Frames.

Does anyone has a idea what the problem could be?

thanks and regards, Sil

Maybe it could be an other service trying to access that port (e.g. health check, port check, …)?

thanks for your support… what a bad mistake. the loadbalancer team changed the monitoring without sayin anything… so it was the loadbalancer

thanks again @brocaar