LG308 gateway Dragino: connect RPI

Hello everyone, I have a Dragino LG 308 gateway equipped with two ethernet ports: LAN and WLAN and a 4G SIM card.
I would like to connect a rasperry to the gateway.
When I connect the gateway to an internet network through the WAN port and the raspberry on the LAN port I can see both the gateway and the raspberry on the internet. When I switch to the 4G card, I no longer see the raspberry on the internet (the gateway yes).
If I connect to the gateway via ssh I can reach the raspberry through another ssh connection (the gateway assigns an internal IP to the raspberry via dhcp) but the raspberry is not connected to the internet. Has anyone managed to connect the raspberry to the gateway and see them both via 4G sim?
thank you

You will be far better suited by respective vendor forums: example1. Did you check 3.2 of manual?

I know nothing at all about the LG308, but only way you’ll get an answer here is if someone who happens to have one runs across your post. I’m not that guy. Thus, go to a forum where most people are more likely to answer “yes”, which is likely vendor-related :slight_smile:

Do you have a public IP address on your 4G sim? Are you port forwarding your Rasberry pi?

I use the LG308 all the time with WAN and cellular, so I’m not sure on your explanation about “see” is, unless you mean the opposite, is that the raspberry pi can no longer see the internet on WAN.

For me the LG308 works just like a regular router serving DHCP internal addresses on the LAN side, these devices route to the internet via WAN or cellular.

If I want to access these devices remotely I use the remote.it feature that I found on this video.