Libraries for decrypting frmPayload

As you know, Chirpstack Application Server does not decrypt frmPayload:bytes, leaving that up to us to do it. My edge device encrypts this payload using a Micropython library called ucryptolib. My problem is that ucryptolib has no analogous library for desktop. So two agendas, one I do not want to do, and the other which I would prefer.

I do not want to : Learn an entire crypto library from the ground up and hope it works for my needs.

I want to : find out what analog desktop library ucryptolib was based on, and call it in the same way as my existing codebase.

Since many users here are or have worked with embedded edge devices, I was just wondering if anyone knows what ucryptolib was based on, or how you solved this in your particular work. Thanks.

If you’re expecting to find another library that uses the exact same API as the one you were using, you’re probably asking for a bit much.

The previous (v3, Go-based) version of ChirpStack used Mr. Brocaar’s lorawan, but there are no doubt many other LoRaWAN libraries out there that could be used in a desktop setting.

If I understand documentation at ucryptolib or cryptolib correctly, your library only supports aes in different modes. So all aes capable libraries should suit your needs.

Regards, Johannes

Are you sure? If you look at the up events, then the data is already decrypted for you (this is the v4 documentation, but the same applies to v3): Event types - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

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Hello brocaar,

I can see frm payloads in influxdb now. And yes, they are absolutely decrypted. It looks great!