Link between Request and Response

Hi there, i just like to ask if is it possible to link the DOWNLINK and UPLINK in LoRaServer? Let’s say I post a Read Command to the LoRaServer through MQTT, is there a way to trace which from the UPLINK data is the response to that specific request. Is there an ID that can be used to link the two?

Hi @brocaar, i hope you can help me with this concern because it is really important for me to track correctly the exact response for the specific request. I just want to know if there is a direct link between the DOWNLINK and UPLINK. I believe that when I send a command to switch the device ON/OFF the command can be observed as DOWNLINK and the response for that command can be observed as UPLINK. I know that the DevEUI is both present on DOWNLINK and UPLINK but the possibilities are we could have multiple command for that specific device and I want to know accurately the exact response for the specific command because the order of the request could be different on the order in the UPLINK if I lookup the response there. Hoping for your feedback. Thanks.