Live Device Data Field empty


I am trying to configure a LoRa server on my lab machine and so far I have been able to configure my gateway and monitor the UPlink data packets getting logged under the Live LoRaWAN Frames field of the Web interface.

But, when I click on the Live Device Data, the web page appears to be busy refreshing and waiting for the data.

Could you please provide some more information on how to configure the device settings to view some meaningful data on this page?

I am copying a sample data captured using the mosquitto_sub utility

$ mosquitto_sub -t “gateway/#” -v
gateway/aa555a0000521131/tx {“token”:46148,“txInfo”:{“mac”:“aa555a0000521131”,“immediately”:true,“frequency”:902300000,“power”:20,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“spreadFactor”:8,“bandwidth”:125},“codeRate”:“4/5”,“iPol”:true,“board”:0,“antenna”:0},“phyPayload”:“4CclXuo=”}
gateway/aa555a0000521131/ack {“mac”:“aa555a0000521131”,“token”:46148}
gateway/aa555a0000521131/rx {“rxInfo”:{“mac”:“aa555a0000521131”,“timestamp”:2005694444,“frequency”:902500000,“channel”:6,“rfChain”:0,“crcStatus”:1,“codeRate”:“4/5”,“rssi”:-49,“loRaSNR”:12,“size”:21,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“spreadFactor”:9,“bandwidth”:125},“board”:0,“antenna”:0},“phyPayload”:“QFnb4QAAuQBVvwLiemvk791GQzoI”}
gateway/aa555a0000521131/stats {“mac”:“aa555a0000521131”,“time”:“2018-10-09T05:46:10Z”,“rxPacketsReceived”:2,“rxPacketsReceivedOK”:1,“txPacketsReceived”:1,“txPacketsEmitted”:1}

Let me know if you need any further informaiton.


Please see :slight_smile:


Thanks for the pointers. I followed the steps mentioned in the trouble shooting guide for Invalid MIC or frame-counter error and found that the issue was due to the difference in the byte order. (endianness)

Is it possible to provide an option in the Device Configuration Settings to select the endianness of the LoRa end device?


what is the equivalent new URL for this?