Live Lorawan frames not seen but seen in lora-app-server logs without any error

Hello friends,
I have 2 questions. May be some of you have faced and successfully resolved these issues already, Please help.

  1. I send Messages from Thingsboard to LoRaServer to configure my sensor. But unfortunately, I do not see anything in the Live Lorawan Frames eventhough there is no error message shown in LoRaServer Logs. The server Log shows ‘downlink payload received’, which means it reached LoRaserver But it is not seen in Lorawan llive frames window of the device application, why can’t I see them, what would be the mistake?

  2. Also, I don’t know how to forward these received downlink payloads eventually to End-Device (All-in-One-Home-Sensor), should I write some encoding function code to convert the objects into array of bytes? Or it will be done by Encode function in general? (assuming that I uncommented those two line of default code)

Please help me resolve these two issues.It would be great.

Lora-App-Server Logs:

Live Lorawan Frames Window (Empty):

Looking forward to your kind response.

Best Regards,