Local Network Settings | Multiple Devices Same APPKey and Same APPEUI

Hi Chirpstack Friends,

i a looking for a setting to set up a local LoraWan Network.
This Means, that all my devices share the same AppKey and the same AppEui.
Like this i dont have to registe revery device by hand before.
I know this is not the idea of security behind LoraWan, but it is a use case for my software. And i know, that the LoraServer that is built in Multitech Gateways, does support this feature.

Thank you for your help

Chirpstack wont restrict you from using the same appKey/joinEUI.

But I don’t understand, is your goal to have Chirpstack autofill the Appkey/joinEUI automatically when creating a device? If you are manually adding each device anyway how much harder is it to simply copy/paste the same appKey/EUI? Or are you just asking if its possible?

Regardless, you could always add devices through the API, then just have your function use a fixed appKey/appEui.


@Liam_Philipp , thank you for your help.
The idea behind this method is, that i can deploy gateways to customers that are running chirpstack LNS.
After a while i can send them new sensors, which will automatically join the LNS without the need to add them as a device, because the Loraserver will automatically add them.
I dont have acess to the Gateway as soon as they are at the place of the customer. So i can not add any new devices to the gateway.

In my opinion the difficulty there is not in re-using the keys but in how you would actually add the devices to the network. Because even if you had multiple devices with the same appEUI/appKey when you send them to the customer they still need to be added to the specific network with their devEUI and device profile. Do you have a plan in place for this? Can you access their networks remotely using the API?

Also out of curiosity are you running Chirpstack on a gateway itself?

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