Localization of Lora App Server

Good day Gents,

is there any documentation how to implement localization to Lora App Server(WEB UI)? I mean is it possible to translate everything for example to russian?

Also very interested in possibility of customizing web ui by adding custom elements, change color, is it possible? If yes, how to? Asking because as i know ChirpStack position himself as open source project.

p.s.: i read one topic where creator said that branding isnt published and it was deleted on latests revisions, but change color and localization isnt branding.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Thank you in advance!

As all the code is open-source, yes it is possible :wink:

However, this is not something Iā€™m planning to support. Potentially it could slow down the releases of ChirpStack Application Server as after making text changes, all the translations need to be updated too.

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