Location elements (of Semtech LoRa Cloud Integration) are not fully sent to mqtt broker, missing some elements!

After the LoRa Cloud Integration, the ‘location’ data of Semtech Edge tracker are received in the Chirpstack Application server (extracted from the ‘Integration’ topic), but those are not completely sent to the MQTT broker.

The chirpstack application server receives the location topic (and object) with its elements ‘source’ and ‘accuracy’ as shown below:

But MQTT broker receives only latitude, longitude & altitude (without source and accuracy), why is this?:
“topic”: “application/61/device/0016c001f0005cd2/location”,
“payload”: {
“applicationID”: “61”,
“applicationName”: “Edge_Tracker”,
“deviceName”: “ETrack1”,
“devEUI”: “0016c001f0005cd2”,
location”: {
“latitude”: 47.855105,
“longitude”: 12.133054,
“altitude”: 0

I need the ‘source’ and ‘accuracy’ elements too, what could be the problem?

Please help me. Thanks in advance.


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