Location of data received by Chirpstack

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First of all, sorry if I’m not using the forum correctly. I put you in situation:

I have installed Axioma QALCONIC W1 water meters that are connected to a RAK7289C gateway and in turn to Chirpstack V4 built with Docker-compose. So far so good, everything is connected and working. I get to see the data on the Chirpstack page, but I can’t download it, so I go to the PostgreSQL that was built but I can’t find out where it is. I have been looking in the database called Chirpstack but despite searching in all the tables I have not been able to find them. Also, I’m not sure if my data is being saved to the database since all the data I get is UNCONFIRMED DATA UP. Please, could someone give me a hand to find this data or configure Chirpstack so that the data is put as CONFIRMED DATA UP.

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There is an MQTT server running, most likely on the same server as Chirpstack. That’s what’s sending out the data. Subscribe to it, your IP, port 1883. You’ll need to do a little more research on which topics to subscribe to.
Use json as opposed to protobuf to get the payload of the packets in base64.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I haven’t explained myself completely well since the answer doesn’t have much to do with my problem.
To connect the Gateway with my Chirpstack server I have used UDP, not MQTT. As for the code, I have one in Base64 that decodes the packet payload.
My problem comes more from the way in which the packets received from the counters are stored. I don’t know where they are stored in the database, nor do I know if the UNCONFIRMED DATA UP data is stored in this database.

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The packets are not stored in the database except for a small history of packets which are kept in Redis. Your best bet is from the UI, go to “Applications”, then “Integrations”, from here you can choose how you want to consume the uplinks. Chirpstack provides a handful of integrations out of the box, including Postgres if you decide to go that route. I’d start here Event types - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

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Thank you very much, it has helped me a lot, but for example, if I want to use the PostgreSQL database that you told me about, it does not appear in the application integrations location, so how could I do this configuration?

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I personally have not used the PostgreSQL integration, which i believe may only be in Chirpstack V4. there’s some instructions here PostgreSQL - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

Personally i’m using http integrations to my own web app. Good luck!

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The only DB integration “out-of-the-box” in Chirpstack v4 is InfluxDB (a very good choice for time series).
But as mentionned by @np0, building a basic App with a http endpoint that will log data into the db of your choice is not so complicated. You can even use Node-Red services like flow forge if you are not dealing with large data volumes.

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Hi @ambling_project I am trying to set up the Axioma W1 meter with a RAK gateway connected to Chirpstack.

I have the gateway connected to the Chirpstack, but how do you get the meter to join? Does it have to have some water going through it first? I don’t have a deviceEUI for the meter…

You need to have DevEUI and AppKey of the device.
Then you need to find the codec for the device model.