LoDev - STM32 / LoRa SoC CrowdSupply Campaign

I meant to post this earlier, but there are just a couple days left of the Crowd Supply campaign for LoDev, a LoRa development board with the S76S STM32 / LoRa SoC. It’s a great platform for experimenting with the S76S and building out custom sensor applications.

I could really use some support to get it over that last ~19% of funding over the next two days.

An STM32 LoRa® development platform that’s software-compatible with Arm® Mbed™

We’ve already released a video showing how to get a blinky program running on it and plan to release extensive samples for the mBed IDE that allows you to get started developing custom LoRa/LoRaWAN applications.

I previously launched LoStik and have sold nearly 2000 of them to-date and people love using it as a network diagnostics tool and is the easiest way to connect to LoRa Server and start sending data.