Log JSON packets inside Multitech Conduit

Hello everyone,

I have to make some range tests with LoRa and unfortunately there is no internet connectivity available. Is it possible that all the data received from the LoRa nodes (JSON strings) could be stored and saved inside the multitech conduit ( for example in the form of simple text file). Such logs could then be analyzed by copying them from the conduit to PC or laptop.
I am using this configuration.

Thank you everyone.

Hello, I can’t reply with accuracy to your question however I can explain to you my configuration which works without internet connection.

I used Debian (jessie) VMs which is installed with virtual_box and all services work locally that is to say with local adress IP.

I’ m also using a mutlitech conduit as gateway (might be in this case you have to fix static adress ip to your gateway instead by DHCP)

On Debian VMs I installed whole loraserver project and I installed influxDB + grafana and Eclipse paho client as integration all work locally.

Of course during installation step you need to have an internet connection ;).

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Thank you for your reply.
But i actually want to skip the network server part, there is no critical need for setting up the server. I have more than one gateway and they will be placed few hundreds (1000m +)of meters apart. It would require long wiring/wireless routers to cover such a large area.
Its a remote area, therefore i am using 12V batteries to power the conduits. Ideally, once the conduits powers up, a small script should run which could save the rx packet information inside the conduit.

I hope you could understand me better now.

Thank you :slight_smile:

In my opinion you should closer to mutlitech forum rather than here because if I understood your need, you want recover the logs from the gateways, I think that with Node-red available with AEP multitech conduit, you can do it easily through usb connection.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: