Looking For datasheet or schematic

Hi guys,
I am looking for any kind of information that could help me run my first project with Lora module that is in the picture. I didn’t find any datasheet or information on it in the web. If anyone could help me figure out how to run it I will be verry thankfull.

@ayoub_elmouddene Who manufactured the board?


I think you are doing wrong way, unless I’m mistaken you will not be able to connect anything with this board.

Simply because you need a couple of chip to get a LoRaWan connection.

For example:

STM32 (µcontroler STMicroelectronics) + SX1276 (Radio module Semtech) and obviously an antenna :wink:

FYI lot of devices or end-node offers a lorawan connection…

But there will be all the time a semtech component because lora protocol is their property.

I have no idea. I was working on an IoT project when my supervisor brought me this board asking me to find its datasheet and build a lora application with it.

I had the same idea that I can’t build a Lora project with this single ship. In fact this was my supervisor idea, as I’m working on an IoT project with ESP8266 and he gave me this module asking me to build an application with it, so, I think he has no knowledge about LoraWan.Well, thank you for your answer, now I’m sure that I can do nothing with this module alone.

Sorry, I did not know if there was anything on the other side of the board, as @julien mentioned, there would need to be a Semtech chip on the board for it to be possible to use it for a LoRa test.