Lora all in one

I’m playing with the concept and setup of a privat lora envoirment for use as home automation etc. I have been doing lots of research all around and probably not stumbled upon an answer, so here goes.

Can you implement a full lora envoirment on a single unit, that is, would it be possible to have a lora-server, lora-gateway-bridge, lora-gateway, MQTT broker and lora-client in one unit serving as a home automation Master unit (with wifi as well) and via this master unit have your other lora-clients connected to?

My conceptual thoughts were that you via a phone app, which is the master units “software Lora-client” can manage and control all your other clients. The reason for the client on the master as well is to make use of the “box” instead of it only serving as network administrator.

The choice of using lora is that it would certainly be able to reach an outhouse, or other things not within a home.

Can it be done with the open-source repos etc from e.g. The lora server project on a raspberry pi, or an embedded system running Rtos?

Is there a better alternative?

Have anyone done something similar?

Thank you for your time

Please take a look at the LoRa Gateway OS full image :slight_smile: It allows you to run the full stack on a Raspberry Pi or LORIX One gateway.

I have read about it. But gavent tried installing it yet.
But is it possible to run c applications on that os as well?