LoRa alliance Testmode


i have tried to activate the LoRa Testmode in which the device is sending every 5 seconds a paket. This is decribed in the official LoRa Alliance document about the End device Certification. Our device
can switch to the testmode. I know this because our testhouse can do it, but the use not chirpstack.

For this i have Joined the device and enqueded a downlink payload Port=224 and BASE64 ENCODED =01010101.
After a new uplink of the LoRa device the downlink is send to the device.

But i did not see in the Chirpstack a uplink every 5 seconds.

What is wrong?

I have found the failure.
paylod is 0x01010101, but this is hex format. Chirpstack want base 64. So 0x01010101 is in Base64 AQEBAQ==