Lora App Server extending to full stack web backend for Mobile/web client

We are developing commercial full fledged IoT solution and using lora devices as end sensor. We are planning to use google cloud and hosting our webserver on the GCP VM.

Can some one suggest the what could be the best design?

LoraWan Device ----> LorixOne Gateway —> Google Cloud IoT/pubsub/VM (Lora Server + Lora App Server), We are planning to extend the Lora App Server from its present form to full back end server with Rest APIs to serve the web client/ Mobile APP. current ReactJS UI will be extended to serve more purposes with better user interface.

Can anyone suggest this is going to be good solution with LoRa infrastructure ??


Hi Jayesh,
If you want to get answers you’re going to have to be more specific than that. Just FYI.

Thanks for suggestions but I am just looking for working Lora App Server design solutions rather than anything specific. If someone made successful commercial application out of the Lora App Server code.

I hoping to host application on google cloud compute engine.


Have you seen this guide https://www.loraserver.io/guides/google-cloud-platform/?

Hi Orne,
Thanks for the response. Yes I have followed that link and did the prototype integration with GCP.
However I am designing commercial solution and how best this solution would be using suggested GCP components ?

Will it have any performance issues with high traffic or not that’s the generic question I asked. I need help in decision of designing the solution with lora server eco-system.

We are also thinking to customize and enhance the Lora-App-Server so device handling and end user interface can be into one solution rather using InfluxDB integration ? what’s your suggestions ?

Thanking you again. Your comments will be appreciated.


The idea of the GCP integration is to make it easier to scale up :slight_smile:

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