Lora-app-server web Interface/Gui Not Opening on a specific browser

I just encountered this minor defect from browser of one specific machine.I can see the login screen of the GUI. but after logging in its just a blank page like this,Although this dint occur for rest of the physical devices


Even after clicking on organization the url changes in the address bar yet nothing happens

what do you think is wrong ??

I see that you have Internet Explorer as well. Did you try with that browser as well?

With self-signed certificates I sometimes notice that part of the page is cached and part not loaded because the certificate is invalid. The result: part of the page is rendered but because the browser is not noticing me about the self-signed certificate, the rest is not loading. This can be resolved (at least at my side) by refreshing the page.

So basically buying a SSL certificate will resolve the problem??

I get the same problem in internet explorer as well.