LoRa App Server windows binaries 2.4.1

I’m trying to download the LoRa server project, to a Win7 64bit platform, and have hit a problem with the Lora App server
lora-app-server_2.4.1_windows_386.tar.gz and
report that the file is corrupt.
and that the .exe files from these are both invalid Win32 applications.

All the other server projects were fine -
Lora Server, Gateway Bridge, and Geo Server.

tried downloading of the App Server a few times, same result.

Download to a Win10 platform, unzip, then copy everything to the Win7 platform and everything is ok.

I run lora-app-server_2.4.1_windows_amd64.tar.gz on Windows 10 64 bit.
But this warning is occurring:
“This App cannot run on your PC.
To find a version for your PC,check with the software publisher.”
I checked it in several PCs with windows 10 and 8.

Please help me.