LoRa device data is not recieved by Gateway

i was trying to set up my own Chirpstack LoRaWAN stack server using docker-compose from here: [GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-docker: Setup ChirpStack using Docker Compose. When everything is up and running I adding the Nano-GW configured on EU868 profile and to connect a Gateway and an end device to it, using 2 lopy4 boards. I can see all docker containers running without errors and a Gateway up on application server UI, but looks like the end device is not talking with the Gateway. I’ve checked the log of all docker containers for errors, and don’t see any. could you advise where i can find it? or any suggestion on how to make it works?

Hi I have a similar architecture, I got my kerlink gateway working using the steps in this tutorial:

I hope it can help: Part 2 - Setup your own Chirpstack LoRaWAN Network Server in AWS - YouTube

with the Kerlink Gateway we have no problem as well. The problem was faced when we used the LoPy4 board as a nano-gateway.