Lora device message could be seen on gateway and chirpstack gateway but could not be seen on devices

Hello guys,

I encountered a problem with some devices. I have 5000 lora devices up and running with more than 10 RAK gateways and chirpstack docker which is running on aws virtual machine. Most of them are working properly. Some of them are lost after sending data for a while. I try to analyze what is going on and see the followings :

1- Data is sent from lora device :

I isolated my device with others and try to catch the data. My device sends data every hour and i could see the lora message on gateway exact time :



2- I can see the same data on chirpstack → gateways → lorawan frames.

3- I see that the device address of my device is different than what is on chirpstack :

chirpstack device address : 00efa28b
my device actual address is : 00526968

4- I try to change the device address on chirpstack but i could not make it on user interface, it turns into old device address after i changed the page.Therefore, i change the device address field from postgresql server database.


5- However, chirpstack still does not show the device related data on device page.

6- I know for OTAA activation device needs to start from join_req and join_accept, but while our devices are working and see their datas on device → lorawan frames tab, it suddenly drops showing the data but my device still sending data.

7- I dont have phsyical access to devices, so i have 2 questions :

  • How do my device online on chirpstack again ? Is there a way to trick server that this device is already joined and give the device address ?

  • How to prevent losing connection or recover from this situation ?

By the way i am using seeedstudio wio-e5 with custom code (st lorawan cube library)

Best Regards