LoRa Gateway Bridge for DRAGINO

Dear Staff,
i’m trying to install LoRa Gateway Bridge packages on Dragino Gateway but i’ve not found i guide to do it yet.
I found some discussions on several forums but it’s seems that Dragino fully supports only TTN Platform.
My project is to build a personal platform based on LoraServer and Google Cloud Platform but, following yours guides, i don’t know how to proceed with the installation of LoRa Gateway Bridge.
Please, does anybody had install LoRa Gateway Bridge on Dragino and can help me with?

I think your best bet is to install the Gateway Bridge on the Server side, and set the Dragino to point to its Address.

I had the same issue, I succeeded to connect LG01 to LOra server, but unfortunately no data is sent or received
Thats how, Ive connected it to it.
I followed this tutorial, the one for the connection to TTN
and then I’ve installed, LOra Gateway Bridge, LOra server, and Lora app server, in my computer, Ubuntu
For the configuration, I folowed this tutorial:

For the TTN tutorial, the only thing that change is : the IP adress, which was in my case, the IP of my computer, (EThernet side)

The gateway is connected, but no downlink or uplink , any help will be appreciated

For TTN, you have to create a root/data folder on the gateway and then you should start seeing uplinks. The Dragino Gateway is single chanel so you wouldn’t see uplinks unless you hack it. At least that’s my current understanding. Were you able to get it working with brocarr’s Loraserver ? That’s what I’m trying to do