Lora-gateway-bridge.log on Multitech mLinux Conduit

I am trying to debug some issues in my setup. I have packet forwarder and lora gateway bridge installed on my mLinux conduit. Frames are successfully making it to the network server. But I am having trouble with devices joining with OTAA.

To debug further I would like to look at the lora-gateway-bridge.log, which would be here:


If this were a debian/ubuntu install.

However, I don’t have a any lora* directories under /var/log. I tried searching for all log files using

find -name *.log -print

And didn’t find anything.

What are the log files named on a conduit install. Do they need to be enabled?

In lora-gateway-bridge.toml I see that the default log level is info, 4, but I do not see any paths in there.

Here is what happens when I search for lora

root@mtcdt:/# find -name *lora*

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Hi Nick, the lora-gateway-bridge.ipk package for the Conduit does not store any logs. I’m not sure if that is a good idea as the available memory is limited. I believe the /var/log directory is mounted as a tmpfs which probably is stored in RAM (to not wear out the NAND flash).

For debugging you could stop the gateway bridge (/etc/init.d/lora-gateway-bridge stop) and then start it manually:

/opt/lora-gateway-bridge/lora-gateway-bridge -c /var/config/lora-gateway-bridge/lora-gateway-bridge.toml

That did the trick, thanks!

Hi watersne,

Where could I find the log after running the commands:
/etc/init.d/lora-gateway-bridge stop
/opt/lora-gateway-bridge/lora-gateway-bridge -c /var/config/lora-gateway-bridge/lora-gateway-bridge.toml

I went back to the folder /var/log/lora-gateway-bridge but couldn’t see the log file lora-gateway-bridge.log

Le Vu

On the gateways, the default configuration is to log to syslog (usually /var/log/messages). Make sure the log to syslog is enabled in your chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml configuration.