Lora-Gateway-Bridge on Kerlink Wirnet iFemtocell

Did anyone succesfully installed the Lora-Gateway-Bridge on a Kerlink Wirnet iFemtocell?
The packet-forwarder works fine, but i cannot get the gateway-bridge to work. I tried to install it like this:


but it didn’t work. Any suggestions how to run the bridge on the gateway?

Thanks in Advance.

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Still i’m trying to install packet- forwarder.
i got error
‘spf’ failed to start (exit status 1) – ‘/user/spf/bin/execute_spf.sh’: <0> Invalid json file

user.info monit[1133]: ‘spf’ restart action failed

user.err monit[1133]: ‘spf’ process is not running

user.info monit[1133]: ‘spf’ trying to restart

user.info monit[1133]: ‘spf’ start: ‘/user/spf/bin/execute_spf.sh’