Thanks for all prompt reply. I have succesfully run packetforwarder ( from Semtech Lora-net) and lora-gateway-bridge (Brocaar) on my Raspi gateway using Risinghf concentrator. However I experience an issue in which : the MQTT topic : “application/#” cannot be seen using MQTT lens or MQTT box subscribing to that topic in the MQTT server (lora-server). I can monitor “gateway/+/stat” and “gateway/+/rx” using MQTT Lens / MQTT Box, Eventough the lorawan end module (motes) has successfully send data to the gateway. Can you tell me where possibly can go wrong ?

You must install all component, thus also LoRa Server and LoRa App Server. The latter service exposes the data through the application/# topics. Of course you also need to create an application first and setup your node in the web-interface. If that doesn’t work, check your logs :slight_smile:

I understand the concept and was able to get some good result using your lora-server last year. Please see our conversation and screenshot of MQTT Lens.
https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver/issues/49 dated August 14, 2016
The lora-server version I am using still from last year, image provided by you via dropbox. Is there a change in standard of writing a DevEUI or AppEUI numbers that I should aware of compare to your latest release lora bridge and lora server ?

But did you upgrade LoRa App Server? Or is that also still the “old” version. The MQTT topic names have been the same since the beginning. As I mentioned in my previous post, please check your LoRa Server and LoRa App Server logs, it might give you more clues. E.g. it could be that your device has been activated with the wrong keys, causing LoRa Server to reject the frames.

Thanks for your tips. I decided to update the lora server to the latest one, and can tell there is a slight mqtt topic convention compared to the old version. I now can see message of topic application/+/node/+/rx get published. Another question for you is that how come after power down of the end module, sometime the topic of application/+/node/+/rx didn’t get publish, eventhough I can see in the lora-gateway-bridge that the node message has arrived at the gateway.
Also if I use more than one end modules, I only can get the MQTT topic of one or two modules only.

You’re right, the MQTT topics have changed when the applications have been introduced, this has been quite a while :wink:

With regards to not receiving any data, it is very likely that you’ll see frame-counter errors in the LoRa Server logs. When your node power cycles it is very likely that that it forgets its frame-counters and starts counting from 0. LoRa Server will see this as a replay attack (unless you enable relax frame-counter mode). In this case it is better to use OTAA and re-join on power cycle.

@k30r88 @brocaar
I am using the same Risinghf concentrator and using semtech packet forwarder.

My lora-app-server is runnng in aws instance(ubuntu 16.04) having an ip 13.xx.xx.xx(public ip)
and my gateway is running in ip address :

So what i have done :

in packet forwarder i have done the following changes :

 "gateway_conf": {
        "gateway_ID": "B827EBFFFFC3BD6E", /* you must pick a unique 64b number for each gateway (represented by an hex string) */

         /*hari added the following three line*/
                "server_address": "13.xx.xx.63",
                "serv_port_up": 1700,
                "serv_port_down": 1700


other than that i have changed the following settings in /etc/lora-gateway-bridge/lora-gateway-bridge.toml (settings in gateway)

# MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

then i have done the mqtt,dsn setting as per the instruction.

Can you please help me anything else i need to change?I coudln’t see data coming to webpage,not even in console.

Note :
Gateway is receiving data from node

JSON up: {"stat":{"time":"2018-02-24 11:06:19 GMT","rxnb":0,"rxok":0,"rxfw":0,"ackr":0.0,"dwnb":0,"txnb":0}}

INFO: Received pkt from mote: 26011AE3 (fcnt=4)
RX: 40 E3 1A 01 26 80 04 00 05 A7 32 8F E4 A2 90 00 9F

JSON up: {"rxpk":[{"tmst":3513780996,"chan":1,"rfch":1,"freq":868.300000,"stat":1,"modu":"LORA","datr":"SF10BW125","codr":"4/5","lsnr":11.5,"rssi":-47,"size":17,"data":"QOMaASaABAAFpzKP5KKQAJ8="}]}

Thanks in Advance!

Thanks in Advance!


Are you using OTAA or ABP device?
Can you please post the debug prints from LoRa server side other than gateway.

Hi @jith_cr1

I am using ABP device.

Sure i will post my server logs now.


Please find the logs below:

log for lora-app-server :

log for loraserver:


Sorry for multiple edit

I could see some “not exists” message in your log.
Usually I am getting this kind of messages if not registering the LoRa node properly.

Please cross check your device creation has been happened properly with proper values.

Thanks .Sure i will check settings and get back to you.


nws,apps key is it mandatory to use generated keys or can i use my existing keys which is already programmed in node?

I’m closing this topic. I don’t think the current discussion is relevant to the LoRa Gateway Bridge component. There are already a couple ABP related topics on the forum.