Lora-gateway-config.service not starting

Hi brocaar.Hope all is good. I am getting th PUSH and PULL acknowledgement in my Lora-gateway-bridge. However on forwarding packet from the gateway side,I get the following logs:

Here is the log of Lora-gateway-bridge:

Also i see in the documentation of loraserver a new config file is opened called lora-gateway-config.I’ve installed it. Yet the service is inactive even after restarting. Logs of lora-gateway-config are:

I could really appreciate some Help!!

This is resolved as well…i am receiving the packet from the gateway side using mosquiito_sub -t “gateway/[MAC]/rx”.I’m figuring out how to decrypt the packet as of now this is what i get:

Could you share what was your issue and how you solved it (in case other users run into the same issue)?