LoRa Gateway OS: JoinAccept is not received


I have only been experimenting with LoRa for a few days and still have a few problems. Thanks to the good documentation I was able to get the gateway up and running. Now I would like to connect my first device for testing…

My Hardware:

I used a simple Arduino example script (“hello world”) to activate the device.

My Problem:
In the Live Frames tab of the LoRaServer for the Device you can see the Join Request in the UPLINK. Subsequently, the gateway also sends a JoinAccept in the downlink. However, the JoinAccept is not received by my device and it continuously sends new JoinAccept requests.

I am still very inexperienced with LoRa and can’t get any further at this point. I hope you can help me. In the following I have added my current gateway config.

Thanks a lot!

Current Gateway Configuration:

Service profile:

  • Device-status request frequency: 0
  • Minimum allowed data-rate *: 0
  • Maximum allowed data-rate *: 0

Service profile:

  • LoRaWAN MAC version ; 1.1.0
  • LoRaWAN Regional Parameters revision *: A
  • Max EIRP *: 0
    Device supports OTAA: true
    Device supports Class-B: false
    Device supports Class-C: false


  • device name: MKR1300
    Device EUI: a8610************* (–>from MKR 1300)
  • Application configuration:
    Disable frame-counter validation: true
  • KEYS (OTAA):
    Network key (LoRaWAN 1.1) *: dc a5 ****************** (MSB)
    Application key (LoRaWAN 1.1) : 2a 32 *************** (MSB)
    This device has not (yet) been activated.


after a few tries I have found a solution. Although the device should support LoRa 1.1.x it only works with an older version 1.0.x.

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Hi, I have the same problem, Can you explain more? Where I need to change the version?

Saved me a couple of hours of debugging. Thanks.