LoRa Gateway OS on Rpi Zero W?

Hi, I flashed LoRa Gateway OS to SD and tried to boot, just get 7 flashes on the LED as if there’s no boot available. Am I dumb? I see there’s an ARM6 version of LoRaServer but I’d like the OS.

Disregard, I see server might work, OS is Rpi 3 only.


The LoRa Gateway OS image is targeting Raspberry Pi 3. With minimal changes, supporting a RPi Zero W should be possible but this is currently not high on my backlog. However, all the LoRa Gateway OS recipes are open-source so if somebody would like to give this a try and test this… :slight_smile:

It might be as easy as just changing the MACHINE variable in the Yocto configuration to target the right machine configuration.

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I don’t have the knowledge for doing so, but i wish it could happen, so with the new RAK2245 and a pi zero, we could get super tiny gateway like this one i found on ttn forum :wink:

Please please :sunglasses::smiley: