Lora Gateway OS [Solved]

can I also access the Raspberry Pi via SSH after installing the Lora Gateway OS and install my own software?

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Yes you can.


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You can, but because lora-gateway-os is such a stripped down OS, installing software after the installation is a bit of a challenge.

We’ve been looking at this for a while now, and you effectively have two options if you want to install your own software on to a pi-based gateway:

  1. Don’t use lora-gateway-os. Use Lora-gateway-bridge and the semtec lora-packet-forwarder and install them onto a pi running raspbian or similar, then install you additional software via apt
  2. Build your own lora-gateway-os image and include the additional software in a new Yocto Layer, then flash the new image with the software already installed to your pi.

At the moment, we’re using (1), but we’re working on a CI/CD pipeline for (2) so we can easily build our own images and flash them as appropriate.

Is there a particular package you’re looking to install?


@ Proffalken Thanks for the answer

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