Lora is not receiving signals from node

i am working on lora gateway, before everything was ok, my gateway used to recive all the signals from the node but recently it not receiving the signals effectively, like its receiving one signal from among 10 signals continuously(if it recieves no.3 signal then it keeps on receiving 13, 23, 33 signals other than those remaining signals all were missing) any possible reason for this ???

How do you know the node is transmitting the others?

How do you know it is transmitting them on frequencies the gateway monitors?


when ever node(blo72zlrwan) sends a signal, a light will blinks on the board, even i can observe it in ttn console by the counter number.
I kept both gateway and my node in same region, so it will always sends signals in gateway range

That does not mean it is transmitting on the correct channel.

That does not mean it is transmitting on the correct channel when the gateway is connected to LoRaServer and not TTN.

In regions where many channels exist, the LoRaWAN spec requires nodes to use all possible channels; they only restrict themselves to using the 8 supported by a gateway when the server tells them to do so. Otherwise most transmissions will occur on unmonitored channels, with only a few being on those the gateway can actually receive.

It’s also unclear if you are looking at only those signals which have successfully been decoded with a valid frame count and MIC. If your location is quiet, you may want to try looking at the gateway raw traffic page to see if there are packets being picked up at the time your node transmits, but which are being rejected due to some flaw in their data which makes them invalid under LoRaWAN and so not presented as traffic from your node.

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