LoRa MQTT phyPayload

I am getting the MQTT message come through and I and Encoding the msg and I am getting a valid JSON object

However I am unclear on how to convert the PhyPayload to any form of valid data. How do I convert the PhyPayload? Because as far as I can see this isn’t just data that my node is pushing up
Also will the PhyPayload have the EUI and my Nodes Push details up?

Please use frm_payload instead. PHYPayload is an entity of LoRaWAN, not your application data.

The EUI of the device is specified by Chirpstack. If you study the complete JSON structure, you should find it in the uplink message.

The PhyPayload is the raw LoRaWAN payload. To receive “sensible” data, this PhyPayload needs to go through a LNS (like ChirpStack) to make sure the data is authentic, handle the mac-layer and to decrypt the application-payload.