LoRa node data re-transmission support


We are running Brocaar LoRa server on ARM based embedded board. During accidental power off of the LoRa server, LoRa node data sent by Lora gateway will be lost. LoRa gateway side we are implementing the logic to buffer the data and resend once LoRa server is up. But whether LoRa server will reject the packet because of timestamp mismatch?
If yes, any workaround to support this feature.

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It will not reject as the timestamp used for class a is a counter value, not a real time. However if there is a downlink, you will miss the RX window.

I have a question related to this topic.I would like to know about resend feature or buffering up of data if lora-app-server fails to receive from lora gateway bridge. I have implemented resend by making clean session-false and QOS value as 1 in my application which has mqtt client. Please let me know if there is any chance that lora-app-server will fail and how to recover from data loss.