Lora Node Join Request and Join Accept Loop

For our setup, we have installed a local instance of ChirpStack as a network server, application server, and gateway bridge. We are using a RAK 7249 gateway to receive data from our ESP32 running lmic over US915. The ESP32 is displaying an EV_JOIN_FAILED message. ChirpStack is displaying a loop of JoinRequest and JoinAccept lorawan frames. On ChirpStack we have created a device profile, added the gateway, and application profile.

What would be the next steps to troubleshoot the resulting JoinAccept and JoinRequest loop? Thanks!

ESP 32 Library: https://github.com/charliexp/heltec_lmic
ChirpStack Guide: https:// www.chirpstack .io/network-server/install/debian/

Pictures and Logging: https://imgur.com/a/oYGjj4v