LoRa, not LoRaWAN packets

Hi everybody and @brocaar !

If I configure my devices to send LoRa data without the MAC layer (this means without LoRaWAN), does Lora-Server process these packets? In other words, is it possible to create a LoRa Network (not a LoRaWAN network) with LoRaServer?

In a positive case, which functionalities would be lost?

Thank you in advance! If I discover something I will inform all of you!

Pablo Romero.

That wouldn’t be supported by LoRaServer, but you could use the same idea of an MQTT broker and use the gateway bridge to connect the gateways to it.

You’d then need to write custom code to subscribe to the gateway topics in order to recovery the raw packets, and publish any transmission requests. Lots of languages have MQTT bindings - python, go (as used by LoRaServer), etc…

Keep in mind that defining a good network scheme is non-trivial.

The many-to-many architecture of MQTT also means that it’s possible to have both LoRaWAN traffic and non-LoRaWAN traffic with the same gateways and nodes - though if two mutually unaware network servers ask a gateway to transmit at overlapping times, at most one of those requests can be honored.

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Thank you @cstratton! I will work on it :slight_smile: