Lora OS stuck booting at "random: crng init done"

Hi everyone,

Some weeks ago, I installed latest lora OS on my RAK831 gateway.

If I boot it with a HDMI display connected, It often gets boot correctly. But when I boot It without HDMI display, never can Connect to my Loraserver.

Then,as I found in some forums, I decided to set the hdmi_force_hotplug to 1 in config.txt. but since I did It, booting lora os ver stuck always at the following message:

Random: crng init done

The only solution that I found on the webs was to install haveged.

So, my first question is:

This issue has happened to anybody?

Second question:

What tool can I use to install haveged? There isn’t neither apt, nor yum, nor something else.

Thanks a lot. And, sorry for my english,hehe.


it happens to me too

I have finally been able to reproduce this. See also: https://github.com/agherzan/meta-raspberrypi/issues/524.