Lora Packet forwarder doesnt start on Multitech Gateway

Hello, I’m following this tutorial https://docs.loraserver.io/lora-gateway-bridge/install/gateway/multitech/ in order to get Lora Gateway Bridge running on my Gateway. I’ve installed both lora-packet-forwarder and lora-gateway-bridge. When I start lora-packet-forwarder everything seems to be ok. But if I run “ps -A” command lora packet forwarder is not running. When I use “/etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder-ap2 restart” command when it try to stop the process, it says that it isn’t running. I’ve followed all tutorial`s steps. Can anybody tell me what is going on?

Could you try the following?

$ cd /var/config/lora-packet-forwarder-ap2/
$ /opt/lora-packet-forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd

(only do this after the first /etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder-ap2 start as it creates a symlink for the spi interface)

I did it all againt. I mean, I flash-upgraded my conduit, and downloaded and installed lora-packet-forwarder. After that I ran “/etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder-ap2 start” command and did what you suggest. This returned

I checked the global_conf.json and it is empty. Should I chage it for the .json that I have or it should be copied from /opt/… directory after first start?

That is odd, could you remove the global_conf.json and run the /etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder-ap2 command again and post the output? It is supposed to create the global_conf.json and also set the gateway id and spi interface: https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver-yocto/blob/master/layers/meta-semtech/recipes-lora/lora-packet-forwarder/lora-packet-forwarder/mtcdt/lora-packet-forwarder-ap2.init#L39

I got this captura. The /opt/lora-packet-forwarder/config directory seems to be ok. It has the global_conf.json.MTAC… files

Please note that the install instructions are for the MTAC-LORA-H mCard (SPI), you have the MTAC-LORA mCard (FTDI). Support for FTDI concentrator boards was dropped late 2015 and is not supported by this packet-forwarder version. Therefore you have to follow the Multitech instructions to setup the legacy FTDI packet-forwarder that they provide.

You can still use the lora-gateway-bridge .ipk package, that one should still work :slight_smile:

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