LoRa Satellite Payload

Dear All,
I’m new to community. We are designing payload for the cubesat in which I’m interested to configure a private network by Chirpstack. We are planning to use RAK2245 ver. B as the main gateway module for the spacecraft payload comm module along with raspberry pi3. Following the ubuntu tutorial we are going to configure App Server, Network Server at the spacecraft. What I understand from the turorial is, nodes can be added through web access to application server. Is there any other way to add nodes, as our spacecraft will be visible for about 10 mins. any other explanation will be highly useful.

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You probably have thought about it, but just having the Gateway-bridge on the cubesat with QoS 2 could give you most frames captured while flying.

In any case, you can use the API and use a script to do all the setup for you.
When is the launch planned? I could give you a hand with the script/tool.
We have a tool that reads a bunch of yaml and configures Device-Profiles, Devices and Applications

I’m going to get Gateway module tomorrow and will configure it. Please share how to start and get my hands dirty with the gateway

Right now we are looking to finish all the testing by the end of March. Launch will be in OCT 2022

Hi Chopmann… please share the script. Im configuring gateway.

I already configured gateway with QoS 2 … please share script for the devices configuration …

I’ll get back to you at the end of next week. Now is family time.

Hi Syed.

Could you give more details about your spacecraft ?

We (CSUG Centre Spatial Universitaire de Grenoble) have a LoRa communication board as an invited payload of the Stork cubesat. Launch is scheduled in January 2022. The board had a 868 MHz LoRa concentrator (SX1302) and a 2.4 GHz LoRa transceiver (SX1280).

For the ground segment, we are using Chirpstack (eu868, ism2400) for operating a private network. We will used also the stations of the TinyGS community. We are developing this tiny station for receiving LoRa 2.4 GHz frames for LoRa 2.4 GHz cubesats (CSUG, Ariel U. …).

We offer PCBs to volunteers.

A quick overview of the Thingsat project is here:

We are open to collaboration.


Lol yeah its a weekend. Thanks Chopmann

Hi Donsez…

We are going to use SX1301 conc. and 1257 as a transceiver. And yeah we will use the private network based on chirpstack. Our regional parameters are 433. I will go through the links you shared, sounds interesting.


Hey Syed Zafar,

I expect you have good experience with chip stack, therefore can I get some help with my project? Can you please let me know how I can connect my RPi based Single channel gateway with chirpstack Network and App servers?


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