Lora Server, App Server and Gateway on the same Raspberry

Hi everyone, I’m new on the forum and in the LoRa world.

I approached this world because I need to create a private LoRa network.

My goal is to manage about 180 hydraulic valves placed in the 35 km zone in the middle of nature, it is apple orchards, apple trees.

I’m trying to figure out how to do everything and a question arose: can I install on a single Raspberry LoRa Server, App Server and Gateway?

Because the control office is in the middle of all the valves to be managed and in theory I don’t need other gateways.

Thank you all for your attention

That is exactly what the Gateway OS is doing for you :slight_smile:

Wow great!

I just ordered RPi 3 B and iC880A-SPI

As soon as I get it all I do tests, if I have problems I’ll make myself heard!

I immediately asked a question: for my case I have to install S.O. Full or Base?


Hi, it all arrived and I installed and configured LoRaServer OS Full using ic880A-SPI.

Now I’m trying to transmit data with Arduino MKR WAN 1300 using the Sketch “First Configuration”, opening the Serial Monitor tells me:
"Welcome to MKRWAN1300 first configuration sketch
Register to your favorite LoRa network and we are ready to go!
Your module version is: ARD-078 1.1.9
Your device EUI is: a8610a3432237405
Are you connecting via OTAA (1) or ABP (2)? “-> I select” 1 "

And he says: “Enter your APP EUI” -> I enter 0000000000000000 as suggested by @brocaar in the article https://forum.loraserver.io/t/where-do-i-set-the-appeui/381/14

Then he asks me “Enter your APP KEY” I entered the application Key in the MBS format “30 e8 0e 74 b7 4c fd 41 f5 57 ff a5 e9 dc 0c 57” but says nothing then I tried with LSB but nothing.
So I tried to add “0x” to each segment and I entered “0x30 0xe8 0x0e 0x74 0xb7 0x4c 0xfd 0x41 0xf5 0x57 0xff 0xa5 0xe9 0xdc 0x0c 0x57” in MBS format but Arduino goes to Tilt and crashes.


On the internet I did not find any guide that connected Arduino MKR WAN 1300 to LoraServer.

Help me please!

Please do not mix different questions within on topic. In case there is no MKRWAN1300 related topic yet, you can create something like “Getting started with MKRWAN1300” :slight_smile: That way the forum stays organized.

I apologize. I’ll do it now!
I ask you please if you help me because I really can’t.