Lora server into yocto project


I am currently integrating Loraserver into a Yocto project.

I was able to get back your work on Lora bridge as well as the recipes.
But in this version (called loraserver-yocto) it is indicated that the project contains all the elements for the creation of LoraServer (as a whole).

When looking at the project’s recipes, only the elements useful to Lora bridge are present (including the packet forwarder).

My question is: did you work on the integration of LoraServer for yocto as a whole, or only bridge is present?
Is it possible to integrate LoraServer in yocto (and in this case, how)?

Thank you,
And thank you for the work already done.

The loraserver-yocto does only provide recipes for LoRa Gateway Bridge and the Semtech packet-forwarder, currently but this might be expanded to the other components to in the near future :slight_smile:


first of all, thanks for the great work so far. Just wanted to ask if you already have put the whole stack in yocto recipes like Atlus asked ?

If not do you plan to do it in the near future ?

Thanks in advance !



I’m also interessting by this topic but for another target, STM32 Arm Cortex MPUs.

STM32 microprocessors benefit from the proven software, tools and technical support of the STM32 family ecosystem. The release of OpenSTLinux Distribution, a mainlined open-source Linux distribution is a key element of the solution. OpenSTLinux Distribution is reviewed and accepted by the Linux community (Linux Foundation, Yocto project and Linaro) and is pre-integrated with OP-TEE secure OS.
It contains all the essential building blocks for running software on the application-processor cores.


Thank you.

Hii @Atlus, @ChrisP, @julien, @brocaar ,
Does your Yocto layer addition and communication worked?
I’m also trying the same & need to implement the RAK2287 LoRaWAN gateway on yocto for custom Linux, will you please tell me how to start and which documents need to refer?

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Hi Brocaar,

Have you completed the full implementation of ChirpStack in Yacto?

This is something that would be usefull for many users.


Hi Julien,

I am wanting to do the same thing with using ChirpStack with OpenSTLinux. Were you able to get this going?


The ChirpStack Gateway OS is built on top of Yocto :slight_smile:

Thanks Brocaar!

I didn’t see the chirpstack-gateway-os-full version.