LoRa Server not Starting after Install [RAK7258]

I have the WisGate Edge Lite RAK7258 Gateway and I followed the RAK-ChirpStack Powered by AWS Tutorial [link]. Everything from the ChirpStack Gateway and Application were installed, the Gateway configured.

When I go on the ChirpStack Console, everything is operating BUT it is not seeing my Gateway
When I installed the lora-server using the code it indicates its already installed, however nothing appears after I input:

journalctl -u lora-gateway-bridge -f -n 50

`It just says: – Logs begin at Wed 2020-11-18 23:22:05 UTC. –

Everything in ChirpStack has been successfully booted up with access to the server.

I figure this might be the problem but can’t find any resolutions. Any suggestions?

Update: I think I am connected as it was saying error at the beginning, the console printed what was supposed to be printed.

I realized I had to change

sudo apt-get install lora-gateway-bridge


sudo apt-get install lora-gateway-bridge