Lora Server pre-built windows binaries

Hello. I am just experimenting with the LoRaServer. I downloaded the x64 pre-built binary but get a corrupt image on this file:

I downloaded the x86 version but Windows10 throws a Virus Definition error:

Has anyone installed the Windows version of this build? Is this a real or false warning? Thanks.

That is interesting and I hope / assume this is a false positive. These binaries are compiled by Travis CI inside a VM that is re-created for every build. There are more cases where a Go binaries gives a false positive:

You could upload the binary to https://www.virustotal.com/ for testing?

Looks like a false positive. Send the link to virustotal and came up clean 0/67. I’m using the x64 version(not sure why I couldn’t unpack it before but working now) windows defender still deletes the x86 version. Thanks.