Lora server project limitations?


Are there any known limitations for the lora server project? especially for the lora server and the lora app server?

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Could you define limitations?

First limitations concerning the implementation of the loraWAN specification. Is there some unimplemented features?
and second is there any comparing it to the TTN private backend.

Let me answer this question by updating the documentation with regards to the LoRa (App) Server features. I think that is a better way to answer this question :slight_smile:

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I’ve starting working on better feature documentation for LoRa Server. See the diff: https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver/compare/docs

You can also see the rendered versions on GitHub, e.g.:

Please let me know (this is a general question, not just for @Sabrina) if this is useful and / or when you have any feedback :slight_smile:

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